Cerenity Senior Care – Marian of St. Paul Interior Renovations

Yanik was pleased to recently present the finalized construction plans and Guaranteed Maximum Price for the interior renovation work at the Cerenity Senior Care – Marain of St. Paul facility in St. Paul, MN. The interior renovations occur over five levels and includes renovation of administration spaces, skilled nursing levels and enhanced assisted living. The resident units will be updated with private toilet areas including showers, with support and surrounding spaces renovated to reflect the neighborhood living design. A majority of the resident units will also be remodeled into private spaces, totaling 120 units overall. The serving kitchens found on four of the levels will be outfitted with new dietary equipment and serving functions. The living rooms will feature cozy areas with fireplaces and new furniture. Guests and residents will be welcomed with a new entry area off the main level, with an expanded sitting bistro area which overlooks the adjacent Mounds Park area. Also on the main level, the therapy and wellness area will be updated with new finishes and equipment. Yanik has been working for the Cerenity Senior Care group on a design/build basis and looks forward to a spring construction start.