Rainy Lake Medical Center

International Falls, MN

Yanik began providing Rainy Lake Medical Center services in an Owner’s
Representative capacity in 2005, leading a team tasked with determining if the existing Critical Access Hospital could be renovated or if a new location and facility would be the best course of action. Based on the information provided, the hospital board decided that a new replacement facility would be favorable, and instructed Yanik to find the best suitable location to build a new hospital.

Multiple sites were studied, analyzing visibility, access to existing utilities, property size for future hospital expandability, and space for auxiliary healthcare related buildings as guidelines. Yanik ultimately recommended the property adjacent to the existing Rainy Lake Clinic campus, which met all of the hospital requirements.

After developing the initial program with the hospital administration and staff, Yanik developed two requests for proposals; one for architectural and engineering services, and one for construction management services. Currently, the project is on hold as the hospital and clinic restructures itself to provide healthcare both in the near-term and for future generations.

Rainy Lake Medical Center continues to pursue the development of a replacement hospital and medical campus with Yanik leading the effort to develop the selected site to meet the United States Army Corp, and the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Land Development requirements.

At a Glance
Rainy Lake Medical Center - International Falls

Rainy Lake Medical Center

International Falls, MN


Project Type:  Critical Access Hospital
Project Size:  60,000 Square Feet
Project Timeline:  2005 – Ongoing


- Master Planning
- Land Acquisition
- Owner's Representative

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