North Valley Health Center

Warren, MN

Yanik was selected by the administration and hospital board of trustees in July 2010 to provide Consulting Services for the North Valley Health Center replacement Critical Access Hospital. This 12-bed new facility will serve Warren, MN and the surrounding community.

Located on a nine-acre site in south Warren, the replacement hospital will be a one-story building, approximately 42,000 square feet. The building will house a clinic, an inpatient services department with 12 private patient rooms, outpatient services, emergency services, medical imaging department, laboratory, rehabilitation services, hospital administrative and business services, and the building support spaces.

The project site is adjacent to the Good Samaritan Society campus. A link will be constructed to the Good Samaritan Nursing Home building, and will provide convenient access for these residents to the hospital and clinic.

Yanik’s Consulting Services include providing assistance in site planning and acquisition, architect and contractor selection, project design, contracts, budget, and project management.

At a Glance
Queen of Peace Hospital

North Valley Health Center

Warren, MN


Project Type:  Critical Access Hospital
Project Size:  42,846 Square Feet
Project Timeline:  2011-2012


- Master Planning
- Consulting Services
- Owner's Representative
- Financial Consultation

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