Arrowhead Senior Communities

Virgina & Aurora, MN

In 2015, Yanik was hired to perform a facility review of existing conditions at St. Michaels Health and Rehabilitation Center in Virginia, MN and at the Northern Pines Care Center in Aurora, MN. Both facilities were offering senior care services in older, outdated buildings and could not maintain a level of care that has come to be the expectation of residents and guests in todays environment.

St. Michael’s has memory care residents streamlined within the general residents, therapy for transitional care guests do not have access to an outdate therapy area, no identifiable town center with common spaces dispersed throughout the building and no neighborhood dining with culinary services occurring in one large “dining hall.” Resident rooms are very narrow which impedes quality care and have no private toilet space. Yanik reviewed the conditions with staff and provided several options for the facility to consider which includes separating the kitchen, dining and living areas into smaller spaces, several rooms renovation options and adding a small building for 8 new rooms. Yanik provided preliminary cost estimates against these options for the facility to consider.

Yanik also performed a similar analysis of an existing senior care building at the Northern Pines Care Center in Aurora, MN. This Iron Range skilled nursing facility of two wings is an addition to the Northern Pines Medical Center and includes mostly double rooms with no toilet, shower or sink area. The facility would de-certify the skilled beds to enhanced assisted living with newly designated neighborhood areas that include kitchen/dining/ living. Several preliminary budgets were generated and reviewed with the facility.

Both facility renovations and addition are currently scheduled for a Fall 2017 start date.

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Arrowhead Senior Communities

Arrowhead Senior Communities

Virginia & Aurora, MN


Project Type: Skilled Nursing, Independent Living & EAL
Project Size: Various
Project Timeline: 2015-2018


- Building Evaluation
- Site Planning
- Design/Build

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