How We Do It

Owner Controlled Management

Expanding Every Project's Horizons

Yanik’s services are based on providing a comprehensive project management experience, while still maintaining owner control. Partnering with Yanik optimizes efficiencies by delivering services in the areas of project management, land acquisition, building design, general construction, project consulting, community assessment, financing, and project programming.

Yanik practices a disciplined policy of input and updates, assisting in the decision making process while leaving ultimate authority in the hands of the owner. Whether your project requires all of our services or just a few, we will tailor them to meet your needs, and deliver on time and in budget.

Each Yanik client receives a program designed specifically to their unique requirements, ensuring the delivery of a facility which meets their needs now and in the future.


Land Acquisition
Financial Analysis
Project Programming
Site Planning
Project Management
Construction Management
Design / Build
Real Estate Development
Preconstruction Management
Construction Monitoring

The Yanik Model